My current skincare favourites

Where my love of skincare products began..

My mum always told me from an early age that looking after your skin is really important and how choosing good quality products can make such a huge difference. I didn’t appreciate what really good advice that was until the last few years. During my teens and early 20s I wasn’t too bothered about a regular skincare routine and would go to bed after a night out partying without taking my make up off, which fills me with complete horror now. Not only would I wake up looking like an extra from the Walking Dead, but it would mean waking up to an orange pillowcase smudged with black mascara. Not the finest of looks I have to say!

I read somewhere once that not washing your make up off at night can age your face by 2 days and make your complexion appear dull. That might not sound like a lot but those 2 days would sure add up quickly over time. I was no longer willing to take the risk of waking up looking like a 90 year old!

When I left school I did a beauty therapy course which introduced me to skincare and facials. I learned about the different skin types and the type of products that would work best for them and it really opened my eyes to how many different options were out there. There are such a huge variety of brands and products in the market so it’s about trying and testing a selection of these to find what works best for you and what kind of textures and scents and consistencies that you like best.

To be fair, I was always pretty lucky with my skin and only really ever suffered from the odd breakouts around the time of the month. However now days I have a real love for skincare products, testing the latest brands on the market and showing my skin some love and care.

Products I use as part of my skincare routine..

I don’t think that you need to spend a fortune to be able to look after your skin well. That being said, I cannot help but appreciate the quality of some of the more high end brands such as Decleor or Elemis to name a couple. I am currently enjoying using skincare products by British brand Liz Earle and have been loving the results. The products are made from naturally active ingredients, pure essential oils and are animal cruelty free.

  1. Cleanse and Polish – this is a creamy cleanser and smells beautiful. The standard version contains rosemary, chamomile and eucalyptus but they often do limited edition versions with other scents. I use this with their white muslin cloth which is soft on the skin and removes all make up and dirt beautifully.
  2. Instant boost skin tonic – I use this to wipe over my skin once I have cleansed. This is alcohol free and refreshes, soothes and brightens the skin.
  3. Eyebright soothing eye lotion – this gentle and non oily formula is great to refresh tired, puffy eyes and perfect to use around the delicate eye area. It is also great if you are suffering from hay fever which I am at the moment as it cools down the eyes beautifully.
  4. Super skin concentrate for night – I use this underneath my moisturiser and it is a rich aromatic blend of pure plant oils which really help to relax me before going to sleep.

For face moisturiser and eye cream I am currently using other products which I will blog about separately soon! I also like to use the Liz Earle body wash and hand wash products which are really nice for an extra treat.

Where to buy Liz Earle products..

  • Liz Earle stores – the store I go to is just off the Kings Road in London and the staff have always been very helpful and knowledgeable. Sometimes it is nicer to buy directly from a store as you can first hand try and smell the products and speak to the trained staff for advice.
  • Online retailer and shopping TV channel QVC has a fabulous selection of the Liz Earle range from skincare to fragrance to hair products.  They often have really good deals and sets which is a good way to get a discount and to be able to try new items. They also have a 30 day money back guarantee so if you are not fully satisfied with anything purchased you can return it for a full refund – even after you have been using it.
  • Department store John Lewis or some of the larger high street store Boots.

My final thought and advice on skincare..

  • Even if you are super tired, have fallen asleep on the sofa or just had one too many glasses of wine, always push yourself to wash your face before you go to bed – your skin will definitely thank you in the morning and your face in the future will definitely benefit from doing this.
  • If you have been wearing heavy make up during the day, and let’s face it who doesn’t love a full face of fabulous make up, there is no harm in cleansing twice for a thorough clean.
  • If you have normal to dry skin like I do, find a gentle cleanser to lift off any impurities, make up and dirt. An exfoliator will also really help to remove dry patches and will help to leave soft smooth skin. I tend to exfoliate around twice a week and that works well for me but you could always look to increase this particularly over the colder winter months.

Let me  know if you use any of the same products and what your thoughts are. I would love to hear about your skincare hero products that you are using at the moment.


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