The eye product you need to try to fight dark circles

I have suffered with dark circles under my eyes for a while and they literally drive me mad. There is nothing worse than having a full face of glam makeup being ruined by the dreaded discoloration under the eyes still showing through. Even if I had a full 8 hours sleep a night, I was still waking up the next day with the same tired looking eyes. I have tried a lot of different products to reduce this problem and have really struggled to find something that I am happy with until recently when I came across the Kiehl’s midnight recovery eye cream.

The formula

This is specially formulated for the delicate under eye area and claims to achieve fresher, younger looking eyes, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. After reading this, I had to try this for myself.

I have been using this cream for around 3 weeks now during my evening beauty regime and I have to say it has really helped a lot. I can definitely notice a reduction in puffiness and the dark shadows have improved. I can’t say that it has completely removed the problem as I actually don’t think a product exists on the market that completely gets rid of dark circles forever (if there is one please let me know!!) however this is the best that I have tried so far and I am really happy with the results.

Using the eye cream

The tube is 15ml which seemed really tiny at first but you only need to apply a small amount. As soon as you put it onto your skin it melts into a luxurious lightweight cream and you will feel a very slight tightening sensation which I love as it feels like it is getting to work straight away! As with all eye creams it is important to press lightly around the eye area and using your ring finger, without dragging or pulling the skin. We don’t want to make things worse for ourselves!

What ingredients are in the eye cream?

Here are the list of ingredients used to create this eye product:

·         Squalane which helps to restore the skins natural moisture balance to keep it soft and supple.

·         Lavender Essential Oil to help soothe and begin the repair process for fresher looking eyes.

·         Evening primrose oil which is an effective on skin barrier and helps to boost radiance.

·         Butchers broom which improves microcirculation, reduces inflammation and puffiness while soothing the skin.

Why do we get dark circles anyway? Well this could be anything down to genetics, age, allergies, lack of sleep or over indulging in alcohol.

I have also recently been using the Revolution concealer in the shade C8 which has been a real favourite  drug store product among make up bloggers and YouTubers and is now a staple item in my makeup collection. For the price of this concealer, the quality and consistency is excellent and is very similar to a concealer by Tarte Cosmetics but a more affordable option which is great. You can buy products from Revolution here or in Superdrug stores, however they are not always in stock in store as they now have quite a cult following, but if you haven’t tried this yet I highly recommend it.

Let me know what your hero products are for combating dark eye circles. I would love to hear what you are using to combat this issue.

You can purchase the Kielh’s Midnight recovery Eye cream here.

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