Brunch at The Ivy, Brighton

I have always associated the Ivy restaurant in London’s Covent garden with celebrities and luxury dining and was a place I wanted to try out one day. So, when I found out that they were branching out and opening a Brighton restaurant I was so excited and of course I had to make a reservation straight away.

The Menu

There are a few menus to choose from starting with breakfast, followed by brunch, then lunch, afternoon tea and then finally dinner. There is also a bar which you can sit at sipping cocktails throughout the day if you fancy a little shopping break.

The restaurant

We were greeted at the reception and shown to a lovely corner seat – gorgeous velvet fabric and plumped with cushions of course. The interior design of this restaurant is literally so beautiful and it really has to be seen to explain it. The walls are painted in bold, beautiful and tropical prints but there is still an overall art deco feel to the place which is a fab mix. The most exciting room though had to be the bathrooms. As soon as I walked into the room I was blown away but then I should have expected this really. The fabulous dusky pink seating area in the centre of the room (I literally need one of these in my life), the music, being surrounded by mirrors with gorgeous lighting and to top it off, you have your own personal cubical, basin slash beauty station.

Overall Verdict

Overall though if I am really honest, the décor was more exciting to me than the food and the service wasn’t quite how I expected it to be. I personally don’t think I will go back for a meal again but I would like to try the cocktail bar. I have heard excellent food reviews though from others, so perhaps it was just the meal that I chose. The time of my reservation meant it was the brunch menu and I had the Ivy full English breakfast. That aside, I had a lovely experience visiting this restaurant and am pleased I was able to go and try it out.

To make a reservation visit the Ivy website here

The beautiful bathroom – love these little beauty stations

What I wore for my Brunch trip:

Shirt: Topshop. Handbag: Jimmy Choo

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