The 90s style trends that I just can’t get my head around

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There are a lot of fashion trends from the 90s that have come back into fashion over the last year. We have Kim Kardashian to thank for bringing back cycling shorts and bum bags. These were items that I never thought I would ever see again in the shops or in fashion magazines. I have grown to accept and love wearing some of these throw back styles, particularly cycling shorts, but I must admit that I really wasn’t sure to begin with when I first saw them back on the scene.

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T-shirt and cycling shorts: Pretty Little Thing, Handbag: Jimmy Choo

However there are some trends that have come back that I just cannot get my head around and there are some emerging trends on the horizon which fill me with the real horrors. Will I grow to love these in the same way as cycling shorts and bum bags though? I doubt it, but I have been proven wrong on this already so only time will tell – fashion is a funny thing!

Here are a couple of the 90s inspired trends that I will not be investing in:

Ugly trainers..

Balenciaga started off this trend with their extra chunky soled trainers. Other designers such as Prada and Stella McCartney followed suit and this has now filtered into the high street with sports brands such as Fila and Adidas creating some really scary looking shoes. I love a pair of trainers but these just don’t do it for me. I have short stumpy legs anyway and don’t think these will be the most flattering of options. These kind of trainers remind me of something a geeky teacher would have worn or Roy Cropper from Coronation Street. It has me wondering if anyone else thinks this when they look at these?

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Sports brands..

Kappa, Ellesse, Fila, Umbro, Diadora – oh my goodness if you wore these brands when I was younger you would be seriously laughed at.  The next generation though, see these as cool retro brands. For me, as they were so awful back when they first came out I just can’t bring myself to ever wear them. The adidas popper trouser (also brought back by Kim K) being a classic example of one of these trends that should have stayed buried back in the 90s school era days. I bet these brands are over the moon though that they have a new lease of life though which is pretty amazing.

There are 2 new trends that are in the pipe line that are also scaring me.

Shell Suits

Online retailers are slowly starting to bring in their Pre-Fall season clothing and I have noticed shell suits popping up. These are giving me major flash backs to my youth when everyone was wearing them. The slightly crunchy, fire hazardous material, the contrasting colours and bold stripes and the endless jokes about looking like the 3 scousers from the Harry Enfield sketch shows.

To be fair, I can see this trend catching on and blowing up. I think it could actually be the next cycling short and there is a chance I will end up getting involved in this myself once the weather cools down a bit.

Here is the version currently on sale at Pretty Little Thing. What do you think about this? Are you loving it or are you not sure about this trend coming back?


In the 90s practically every girl had eyebrows plucked within an inch of their life – thin and arched as much as possible. There were quite a few make up shockers from that era – who remembers the dark brown lipliner paired with a contrasting creamy light lipstick look that everyone would wear? I was guilty of this myself!  At the time this was the fashion though and nobody batted a white eye-lined eyelid at it, however looking back it was pretty awful.

Like a lot of trends I suppose but they were part of the era and we all have a lot of funny photos to look back on. The August edition of Vogue features a front cover with Rhianna and she has the thinnest eyebrows I have seen in a very long time. Us females have only just started to get used to having thicker bushy brows, and many of us spend a fortune on micro blading and HD brows to get the perfect pair of Insta worthy arches. I personally will never be going back in time into this thin brow trend.

It makes me wonder if people buy into the latest trends purely because everyone else is, or because they genuinely love the look. Personally, I won’t wear clothes just for the trend factor. I have to feel good in what I am wearing and that’s become a new rule of mine now whenever I am shopping – if I don’t 100% love it or if I have any doubts then I will not buy it. There’s nothing worse than getting your shopping home and deciding you don’t like half of it after all.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the 90s inspired trends that are about at the moment. Are you wearing them and loving it or are there some items that you wouldn’t want to try?

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