4 topics I wish I’d been taught properly at school

This is a subject which comes up a lot between myself and friends and I have been thinking about this recently so thought it would be a good one to share with you all.

I didn’t mind secondary school so much. I had a group of friends which I had fun with at the time (although I lost touch with all of them in the end), I was happy in a relationship with my boyfriend (who I am still very happy with to this day), and I never really struggled with the work academically, even though I didn’t always pay attention as much as I should have. All of that aside, I feel that there were a few things which could have really helped with the future if we had of been supported better on certain topics.

I don’t know about you, but I have never used algebra since school and unless you want a career in science or mathematics I really cannot see the point in ever learning this thing. If they had of taught us about the below issues instead this would have been a lot more beneficial to a lot of us.


I admit it, I am not the best person with money. I have always liked to spend it rather than save it, although that has improved over the last few years and I have realised how important it is to have a savings pot behind me for emergencies.  My parents have always tried to encourage me to be more sensible with my money which I am grateful for, but this would have been such a good topic to have been covered at school for a lot of people that didn’t have the same level of support and advice.

When you are young you don’t appreciate the value of things and when you start to earn money it all goes out the window on nights out, drinking and clothes. However, when you move out of the family home and have to pay your own bills, it can be a bit of a shock to the system and you realise you have to budget and plan how you spend your money.

A lot of people when they leave school go onto university, which is something I personally didn’t do, and I’m pleased about this as it meant that I avoided owing anyone a huge debt at the end of it. Debt is something that can quickly build up and when you are younger the temptation is always there to take on credit cards and store cards. This would have been such a good subject to have covered at school to get you thinking early on about managing your money the best way possible.


Mortgages and property

Similar to the money topic above, mortgages are a complex subject that take time to get your head around. I have a mortgage and they still confuse the hell out of me. Obviously there are not many people leaving school that are going to be able to afford a mortgage straight away. However, learning about the basic points of how they work and the process around buying a property would be really beneficial. Even learning about renting a property, the type of documents and deposits that would be involved and the expected bills that you would be looking to pay each month would give people the confidence to go out there when they are ready and make it feel a lot less daunting.


Career guidance

We supposedly had a career guidance module for us at school. They booked us all a one to one appointment with an advisor, but when I went along to my appointment the advisor didn’t turn up and it was never re-arranged. The whole thing felt like a waste of time and that no one really cared about what we wanted to do as a long term career. It was more just about them ticking a box to say they had covered this with us (or not at all in my case!)

I had no idea what I wanted to do when I left school. I decided that university was not for me but I really enjoyed art and design so I wanted something potentially creative. However, I didn’t know about what kind of jobs were out there, or how much I could have expected to earn as an adult. I was literally clueless about this and wish we had been supported so much more with what options were available.

My career path

I worked in a book shop while I was studying at school, which I loved but that wasn’t something I intended to do forever. So, I ended up leaving school and enrolling in a beauty therapy course in Brighton. I realised that wasn’t really for me after all and moved into office work. I decided to move to London when I was 20 and started working in the fashion industry which was a perfect choice for me. A couple of years later I enrolled into London college of Fashion and gained a diploma which was great and taught me a lot. This helped to move me forward in my career and I have since worked for some of the biggest luxury fashion brands in the world.

It goes to show that you don’t always have to go to University as on the job experience counts for a lot. If you are at a point where you are not sure what you want to do as a career, don’t worry as it will all work out eventually.


Drugs and mental health

Unfortunately I have witnessed quite a few people from my home town that have suffered with mental health issues to the point that they have been moved into permanent institutions, where they will likely to remain for the rest of their lives. It’s sad to see and quite scary.

Brighton is an amazing place but it has it’s dark side. There is a huge homeless issue in the City which is getting worse and drugs are treated as the norm from a young age. I cannot help but wonder if we had better a education on mental health and drug related issues that it would have really helped a lot of people before it was too late. I feel that we need to do more for the next generation to protect them and teach them that mental health is important as well as how they look after themselves and others around them that might need their help.

Education and support

If there was a greater support network for young people and they knew exactly who they could talk to if they are struggling or need some kind of professional help that would make such a difference. If their problems could be shared easily, these could potentially be resolved earlier on, rather than escalating and end up changing the whole path that their lives move into. Drug education classes also need to be taught in a different way. I feel the shock factor would be a better route to go down and have actual drug users or ex-users to share their experiences with them.

Mental health seems to be a huge issue that is growing in this country which is in need of addressing somehow in a better way.


Are there any topics that I have missed from this list that you feel should have been taught better at school? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading xx

House of Ikons fashion show – London Fashion Week Sept 18

I love September as it hosts my favourite fashion shows of the year. London fashion week kicked off on September 14th for 4 solid days of catwalk shows and fabulous fashion. Press, buyers and influencers all descended into London ready to view some of the best designers in the world presenting their Spring/Summer 2019 collections.

An exciting invitation..

I was so excited to receive my invitation to the House of Ikons fashion show to kick off London Fashion week this year. The setting was in the beautiful Millennium Gloucester hotel which is based in the very stylish Kensington area of London. The room was buzzing with guests and was full of press eagerly awaiting the collections. House of Ikons feature a selection of designers from all over the world. This includes ready to wear collections, as well as evening and occasion wear.

The show..

The show kicked off with Toronto designer Chavez. He showcased a selection of fabulous jewel encrusted costumes that sparkled as the models walked the catwalk. This was my favourite collection of the whole show and I loved the creative, avante-garde style of this range. 

I also really enjoyed the collection by designer Balazs Ester. This range focused on fashion forward pieces, mixing textures such as denim with faux fur.

Next, we saw New York designer Edele who created non-gender specific clothing which was mainly casualwear and slogan t-shirts. Accessories Designer Bjorn followed with beautiful silk marble printed scarves which elegantly floated down the catwalk. Another collection that I loved was by Simbrew which featured a range of beautiful Ghanaian dresses in bright, bold colours and interesting shapes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

House of Ikons had 2 other shows planned after this. One which was featuring childrenswear and a menswear show later on in the evening, featuring actual robots on the catwalk which sounded amazing!

Fashion week continues..

We have now moved into Milan fashion week (Sept 18-24) and this will be followed by Paris Sept (24-Oct 2).

What shows or designers are you most excited to see? My favourite show every year has to be Chanel as they always have such fantastic backdrops and setting decorations. They have had some amazing shows varying from tree lined runways, supermarkets, steam trains and carousels. I can’t wait to see what Karl Lagerfeld brings to the table this year!

3 body products that are perfect if you have a sweet tooth

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’m obsessed with body products that smell like sweets at the moment. I recently reviewed a gorgeous bubblegum flavoured lip scrub from Lush Cosmetics here and my love for sweet treats has continued to grow! I have been testing out a few brands and these are my top 3 body products for the month that are all sweet themed. If you have a sweet tooth like I do, then I can guarantee you will enjoy using these too!

Bilou body wash shower foams

I hadn’t used a shower foam before and I really enjoyed trying this! It is exactly like a shaving foam consistency and has a similar nozzle on the can. There are 5 flavours available – Fuzzy berry, Coco Cocktail, Cotton Candy, Tasty Donut and Pink Melon. The scent is more on the subtle side but it’s something a little different and a really nice sweet treat.
Priced at £3.99 each, these are also super affordable and fun to try out. You can buy these from most Superdrug stores or online here

Baylis & Harding hand washes

As soon as I spotted these I instantly fell in love with the pretty packaging. How pretty are these?! I could picture the bottles displayed in my bathroom or kitchen and they are such a sweet little addition to have by your sink.

I was really impressed at how fragrant these are as well. They smell absolutely beautiful and they leave a long lasting scent on the skin which I love. Out of the three that I tried, the Tropical Cocktail version is my favourite and it smells just like watermelon. Delicious!

View the Baylis & Harding hand wash range here.


Imperial Leather gel shower washes

I had to pick these up as soon as I saw them as they were giving me pure nostalgia about retro sweets from my childhood. They smell exactly like the real thing too and are literally good enough to eat.
Priced at only £1 per bottle, these were such a bargain and a really affordable little treat. I have received so many comments on these on Instagram and from being noticed on my bathroom shelf. They seem to make everyone smile! So, I think these would make great Christmas stocking fillers for someone that loves their sweets.
These are part of a great collection of gel body washes that Imperial Leather has out at the moment and they have some fab scents to choose from. You can buy these from most Boots stores or online.
Click here for the Love Hearts option and here for the refreshers option.
Have you tried these yet? Let me know in the comments! Or let me know if you have any recommendations for any other products which have a sweet theme.
Thanks for reading! x

The new metallic sparkle lipsticks by Too Faced

I am a complete magpie and anything sparkly always gets my immediate attention. So, when I discovered the brand new metallic sparkle lipsticks by Too Faced I just had to try them out!

Colour shades

There are 10 shades in the collection ranging from pretty pinks, purples and reds as well as some more daring colours such as blue and vivid purple. I was tempted to go with the gorgeous light pink shade called ‘Marcia Marcia Marcia’ but I chose ‘Miss Thing’, a pretty peachy nude shade instead. These 10 shades are inspired by the original Too faced lipstick bullets but given an updated twist. This also includes 2 new 20th anniversary shades. I’m loving the sassy shade names too:
  • Hoochie – cool brown
  • Bionic – light blue
  • Hot Flash – crimson
  • Marcia Marcia Marcia – pretty baby pink
  • Miss Thing – peachy nude
  • Pixie Stick – vivid purple
  • That Girl – warm chocolate brown
  • Trampula – electric blue
  • TF20 – vivid pink
  • Too too hot – spicy red


The Too Faced website says this lipstick range is full coverage. I personally found the coverage to be on the lighter side than what I expected after swatching them on my hand.  However, if you layer this up with a couple of coats, you will get a more intense colour which is what I prefer. The end result was a multi-reflective glitter finish with a pretty sparkly sheen.
I love the overall look of this once applied and I was impressed with the creamy formula. You can wear the lipstick by itself, but I found it also looks really nice over the top of a matt lipstick. As always with Too Faced, this range is animal cruelty free which is also a plus point.


Each lipstick case is in a sparkly shade that matches the colour inside which I absolutely love. These looked so fabulous lined up together on the makeup counter that it made me want to walk away with all of them! The box packaging is also completely sparkly and the top of the box has a cute heart detail which shows the name of the shade. I really love the packaging of this collection and I love having this in my handbag.

Value for money?

Each lipstick is priced at £18 which is a pretty standard price for premium make up brands. The stunning packaging and the quality of this range definitely justifies this price point. Plus, you will get a lot of use out of this so the cost per wear is really reasonable if you work it out this way.
You can purchase this new collection directly from Too Faced stores or on their website here
You will also find this in department stores that have a Too Faced counter.
Have you used this latest lipstick range yet? Let me know your thoughts if you have!

4 Autumn trends to invest in now

It’s official guys, Autumn is here and I am really happy about this as it’s my favourite season especially for fashion. I always get really excited about a brand new Autumn wardrobe. Maybe this is goes back to when I was at school. I used to love all the brand new stationery and uniform that you would get at the beginning of a new school year!

Other than animal prints, which I love and blogged about recently here, below are 4 of the top Autumn trends that you can start wearing now.

Check prints

Plaid, Prince of Wales Heritage or tartan, checks in all of their many forms are key for the new season.

Seen at Calvin Klein and Erdem on the catwalk as well as Versace who had a very ‘Clueless’ inspired take on this trend which I am obsessed with. This print looks so great worn as a little co-ord set or as a tailored blazer.


Tweed is a classic and always reminds me of sophisticated Chanel blazers but it is a trend that comes and goes. I am pleased it is back for this Autumn though and is a great texture to incorporate into your outfit. Marc Jacobs featured this on the catwalk with oversized tweed coats paired with leather skirts. Louis Vuitton dressed models in tweed skirts and Miu Miu showcased 80s inspired tweed coats.

Manolo Blahnik

Zara do some fabulous tweed pieces. Shop my favourites below:

Scarf prints

Seen at Salvatore Ferragamo, Versace and Saint Laurent, silk scarf prints were a gorgeous feature on the Autumn catwalks. This is a trend that I absolutely love as it looks so chic, classic and expensive. Zara, as always, have taken this trend and put their own take on it so you will find some excellent pieces in there at the moment if you want to get involved with this trend for the season.

Shop my favourites Zara scarf print pieces below:


This Autumn/Winter season is all about knife pleats. Wear them with trousers as seen at Valentino. Wear them as a skirt and chunky boots or add a fluffy jumper for a Balenciaga inspired look. I am loving the pleat trend and picked up a gorgeous leopard print one from Zara here. That’s 2 trends ticked off in one. Mix and match your trends for the new season and have fun with the latest styles!

What is your favourite trend for this Autumn? Leave me a comment below!

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