Shopping: 3 things I’m not buying any more

The fashion industry has become much more aware of sustainability over the last few years and it’s got me thinking about my own shopping habits. I can definitely see a change in how and what I spend my money on, especially in the last couple of years.  There are 3 things that really stand out to me that I’ve stopped buying which I am going to talk about in today’s blog post.

High Street Handbags

I have a real love for handbags and I would say they are probably my favourite fashion item to shop for. As well as designer bags, I used to buy pieces from the high street as well but this is something that I have moved away from over the last couple of years. No disrespect to the high street, but they just cannot compete with the quality of leathers and hardware featured on a designer handbag and I would much rather spend more money on a quality luxury piece that stands the test of time all day long.

Certain designer bags are considered an investment and you can re-sell them on the pre-loved market if you decide you no longer get the same amount of use for it. You can actually get some money back on them which you can put towards your next designer handbag purchase! This isn’t the case for all designer bags on the market, but certainly for classic pieces such as an Hermes Birkin, Hermes Kelly or a Chanel Classic flap bag for example you can always re-sell for the same price or even higher than what you paid for it originally if you’ve kept it in a decent condition.

It’s a good idea to invest into the classic carry over styles that the luxury brands continue every season. The seasonal pieces, although are often cheaper, are not always a great buy as the following year they can look really dated and very specific to the time they were launched. However these can often, in years to come, become little gems to resell and become quite covetable again. Look at the Dior saddle bag which has come back into fashion a decade later, as well as the rise of the Y2K inspired looks that are all over Instagram right now. That one seasonal piece you buy now might become very handy in 10 years time and look just as fresh as it did when you first bought it.

Seasonal trend led pieces

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do love to keep up with the latest trends as I work in the fashion industry and it’s my job. However, the last few years I have definitely taken a step back from buying into every single new trend that pops up each season. Now days I will really consider if I want to get on board with a trend led piece or not.  This is both for high-street clothing as well as designer items. For example, when Prada launched the re-edition handbag or Dior launched their canvas book tote, everyone went crazy for them and rushed out to get one. However these were not styles that I wanted to get involved with as I know in a year’s time they are going to look really dated. Look at Celine for example – they have had some major hits with their handbags in the past but then they only look good for a short period of time. If you wear it a year later or more, everyone knows what collection it was from and it just doesn’t look quite right any more.

If it’s not a classic seasonal piece or something that I can pull out year after year to wear, I’m not as keen to make that purchase any more. I would rather spend the money on something I know I will love for a longer period of time. 

Fast Fashion

Fast fashion is one of the main culprits when it comes to sustainability in the industry. For a long time I felt that I needed a new outfit every time I went out and there was such a huge explosion of online brands appearing that update their websites with new items daily. The throw away fashion culture is definitely not helped by social media which fuels this constant need for newness and having the next latest thing all the time.

The thing that I find the most disappointing about a lot of these online retailers is the quality of the clothing. I am more interested in spending that little bit more money for nicer fabrics and styles that I know I will get a lot of wear out of now days. My wardrobe is not bursting at the seems like it once was and there is something really nice about building a casual collection of pieces that you can easily mix and match and get a lot of wear out of each season. This is something I aim to be a lot better at and really want to work on.

Outfit featured in today’s blog post:

Check knitted cardigan DLSB 

Jeans and Hat: Zara (last year AW20)

Necklace: Heart Figaro chain in gold from Abbott Lyon


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