The animal prints to be wearing right now

Leopard print is a classic that continues to be in style year after year and no matter what the season is, it always looks amazing. I am personally a huge fan of animal print, and when worn well, it can look really stylish and expensive. Now there are other animal prints that are starting to really catch my eye and are appearing in all of the shops and Topshop in particular are killing it right now with the animal print selection.

I have picked out my favourite zebra, snake and ditsy cheetah print pieces that I am obsessing over right now from Topshop.

Zebra Print

Choose between traditional black and white stripes or go for a beige and black version for a stylish and simple way to inject some animal print into your wardrobe. I love zebra print and this can really liven up a simple outfit without looking like you have over done it. Experiment with this print in faux-fur accessories, or try out a maxi dress, skirt or blouse and you will feel instantly fabulous I guarantee it!

Snake Print

This is the animal trend of the moment that I really want to start wearing and plan on investing in. This trend will be rolling over into Autumn/Winter so I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this style. Snakeskin prints work really well with 70s-inspired styles like flared trousers, patent coats or A-Line mini skirts as well as gorgeous leather accessories. What I love about this print is that there are loads of really cool colour options available to experiment with. I am seeing acid yellows and greens, bold oranges and reds as well as the traditional grey/brown shades and I love the look of all of them!


If leopard print is a bit too much for you, then cheetah print would be a great alternative way to ease yourself into the animal print trend. It is more of a subtle print and a mixture between leopard and polka dots and is extremely easy to wear. Go for bright colours to really make a statement or keep it classic with beige and monochrome shades.

Blouse: Topshop

All of the above looks are available from Topshop – Leave a comment below if you are loving the animal print trend or plan to try a new print style this Pre-Fall season!

The 90s style trends that I just can’t get my head around

Image: Pinterest

There are a lot of fashion trends from the 90s that have come back into fashion over the last year. We have Kim Kardashian to thank for bringing back cycling shorts and bum bags. These were items that I never thought I would ever see again in the shops or in fashion magazines. I have grown to accept and love wearing some of these throw back styles, particularly cycling shorts, but I must admit that I really wasn’t sure to begin with when I first saw them back on the scene.

Image: Pinterest

T-shirt and cycling shorts: Pretty Little Thing, Handbag: Jimmy Choo

However there are some trends that have come back that I just cannot get my head around and there are some emerging trends on the horizon which fill me with the real horrors. Will I grow to love these in the same way as cycling shorts and bum bags though? I doubt it, but I have been proven wrong on this already so only time will tell – fashion is a funny thing!

Here are a couple of the 90s inspired trends that I will not be investing in:

Ugly trainers..

Balenciaga started off this trend with their extra chunky soled trainers. Other designers such as Prada and Stella McCartney followed suit and this has now filtered into the high street with sports brands such as Fila and Adidas creating some really scary looking shoes. I love a pair of trainers but these just don’t do it for me. I have short stumpy legs anyway and don’t think these will be the most flattering of options. These kind of trainers remind me of something a geeky teacher would have worn or Roy Cropper from Coronation Street. It has me wondering if anyone else thinks this when they look at these?

Image: Pinterest

Sports brands..

Kappa, Ellesse, Fila, Umbro, Diadora – oh my goodness if you wore these brands when I was younger you would be seriously laughed at.  The next generation though, see these as cool retro brands. For me, as they were so awful back when they first came out I just can’t bring myself to ever wear them. The adidas popper trouser (also brought back by Kim K) being a classic example of one of these trends that should have stayed buried back in the 90s school era days. I bet these brands are over the moon though that they have a new lease of life though which is pretty amazing.

There are 2 new trends that are in the pipe line that are also scaring me.

Shell Suits

Online retailers are slowly starting to bring in their Pre-Fall season clothing and I have noticed shell suits popping up. These are giving me major flash backs to my youth when everyone was wearing them. The slightly crunchy, fire hazardous material, the contrasting colours and bold stripes and the endless jokes about looking like the 3 scousers from the Harry Enfield sketch shows.

To be fair, I can see this trend catching on and blowing up. I think it could actually be the next cycling short and there is a chance I will end up getting involved in this myself once the weather cools down a bit.

Here is the version currently on sale at Pretty Little Thing. What do you think about this? Are you loving it or are you not sure about this trend coming back?


In the 90s practically every girl had eyebrows plucked within an inch of their life – thin and arched as much as possible. There were quite a few make up shockers from that era – who remembers the dark brown lipliner paired with a contrasting creamy light lipstick look that everyone would wear? I was guilty of this myself!  At the time this was the fashion though and nobody batted a white eye-lined eyelid at it, however looking back it was pretty awful.

Like a lot of trends I suppose but they were part of the era and we all have a lot of funny photos to look back on. The August edition of Vogue features a front cover with Rhianna and she has the thinnest eyebrows I have seen in a very long time. Us females have only just started to get used to having thicker bushy brows, and many of us spend a fortune on micro blading and HD brows to get the perfect pair of Insta worthy arches. I personally will never be going back in time into this thin brow trend.

It makes me wonder if people buy into the latest trends purely because everyone else is, or because they genuinely love the look. Personally, I won’t wear clothes just for the trend factor. I have to feel good in what I am wearing and that’s become a new rule of mine now whenever I am shopping – if I don’t 100% love it or if I have any doubts then I will not buy it. There’s nothing worse than getting your shopping home and deciding you don’t like half of it after all.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the 90s inspired trends that are about at the moment. Are you wearing them and loving it or are there some items that you wouldn’t want to try?

Online shopping – is it worth the money or is the high street better?

Image: Pinterest

In the last few years online shopping for clothes has really boomed. I remember when Asos first launched and they were actually called ‘As seen on screen’, selling clothes that were inspired by what celebrities had been spotted wearing. Now days they are a multi-billion pound global success selling womenswear, menswear, footwear, accessories, jewellery, beauty products and a huge range of well-known brands. They continue to grow every year and since then there has been a surge in other online fashion sites such as Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo, Missguided, and Misspap which are also following the same pattern of success.  

The appeal of these sites is mainly for the price which tends to be a lot cheaper than the high street stores such as Topshop and they are also very trend led, leading the way with the latest fast fashion styles and marketed in a way that make you want to spend your money with them. They often send out discount codes, newsletters and emails on a daily basis to get you back on their site looking at what’s new. It certainly works for me so they are doing something right in keeping hold of our attention!

These online fashion companies have grown with the help of celebrity collaborations such as Paris Hilton, Kourtney Kardashian and Pia Mia, as well as social media platforms such as Instagram. The rise of the influencer on social media has also really boosted the popularity of these online retailers. Pretty Little thing have even started selling clothing covered with their own brand name which has been selling really well for them.

Image: Pretty Little Thing

However, with the plus points there are also the negatives. Personally, I have been really disappointed with shopping online lately and I have sent back 90% of what I have ordered. This is what inspired me to write this blog post as it makes me wonder if everyone else is experiencing the same as me? Is everyone else spending hours queuing in the post office returning their online purchases or are the clothes working for everyone else and it’s just me finding it a palaver? Here are a few of my biggest nightmares with online shopping:

The quality

A lot of the items ordered online seem to be of a lower standard in terms of quality. You can tell as soon as you touch it that the fabric is not going to last long and doesn’t always look or feel the nicest to wear in real life. I find a lot of the white clothing, particularly trousers tend to be transparent and no one wants to walk around with their pants on show – that’s an outfit killer right there!

The item doesn’t match the image online

OK, so I know that the models are there to make the clothes look the best that they possibly can, but so often I see an outfit online that looks incredible and as soon as I try it on it looks nothing like how I imagined which is so disappointing. This can be anything from the colour not matching how you hoped or the fabric being too thick/thin/stiff etc. When you shop in a high street store, though you have the chance to try the clothes on and test them before you buy to see if you look good in them which saves you so much time and money, which leads me onto point 3.

The fit

I have literally given up ordering trousers online now as I am not blessed with the longest of legs, but the length of some of these trousers makes me wonder who all these tall people are as I never seem to see them walking around!  Also, I find that I can be a size 8 with some items right up to a 12. This is because the clothes are cheaply made and from a variety of factories so the standard of sizing is usually all over the place and often hard to judge.


If you are impatient like I am, when I buy something new I like to take it home with me straight away. Deliveries have improved for a lot with the bigger named online retailers, and they often offer free next day delivery deals, but even still, you need to wait and if you are not home when the delivery man arrives, this could also mean an extra trip to the post office. I think I am on first name terms with my postman and local post office now!

Returns and refunds

This is one of my biggest hater points of online shopping. You might get a good deal with free postage when you place that order, but you will have to pay to return items the majority of the time – apart from ASOS who have a fabulous 28 day return policy for absolutely free.

I also find the length of time you have to wait to get your money back can be frustrating and you could easily forget if you are due a refund if you have had to send a few things back in the month. This makes me wonder how high the return rate is for some of these online retailers. I know that a lot of YouTubers that film fashion hauls do not keep all of the items they order online, and a lot of people are starting to do these type of videos.  I personally love watching them and often get really good inspiration for outfit styling watching these.

Talking of YouTube, a lot of the well-known influencers are gifted the items that they show and haven’t had to pay for them. This could also be the reason why they speak so highly of everything they show usually and I would love to know if they really love the items they have received as much as they say that they have.

The high street stores have really been suffering in the UK over the last few years and many have been going out of business which is a real shame. I really enjoy shopping in stores and would hate for that to disappear completely and everything to become purely focused on online shopping.

Image: Pinterest

What are your thoughts about shopping online? Do you prefer it to shopping on the high street now? What do you think about the quality and service you are getting from online retailers?  I would love to know your thoughts on this!

My top 5 sassy Topshop shoes you need in your wardrobe this summer

Summer clothes are personally not my favourite as no matter what I put on makes me feel like I am melting and uncomfortable. For me, nothing beats cosy winter knits, or a stylish coat with a pair of boots, however I am completely shoe obsessed and love footwear no matter what the season, weather or occasion! I am a believer that you can never have too many pairs of shoes (that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it) and I do really love a pretty summer sandal, especially when worn with a fabulous tan and freshly painted nails.

For quick trends that I know are not going to be around for more than a season, I tend to buy more high street versions but for classic styles that I know I will be able to wear time and time again, I like to invest in more premium or luxury brands which I know I’ll be long lasting and good quality. Saying that, just because something is designer and comes with a high price point, does not guarantee that it will be comfortable to wear. Far from it in some cases especially with shoes! But if I have a night out where I can get a taxi and not have to run for the train or night bus on the way home, then I can overlook the pain factor for the outfit!

Topshop have such a great selection of Summer footwear shoes dropping in the stores and online at the moment and I had to share with you some of my current favourites. I am really impressed with the selection and the range of prices and there are some really affordable styles so here we are with my top 5 picks currently:

Pretty little details

I love the cute studded frill detail on these heels. They would look great with a black straw bag which is a huge trend for Summer 18. These look really expensive and not a they don’t look like they are straight off the high street. At only £39 these are a real bargain. Find these here

Stylish leather mules

Mules are a great way to dress up any outfit and instantly make you look more chic and expensive. These are another little bargain find from Topshop at £29 and are a classic style that can easily be worn with a dress, skirt or trouser. Find these here

Colour block sling backs

I love the colour and block heel of these green suede sling back heels. I have a similar pair from Topshop pictured at the beginning of this blog post, which I love and have been wearing a lot lately. A bright  heel is a great way to make a simple outfit pop, or a nice addition to a full colour block outfit. These are at a slightly higher price point to the others at £49 but they would be a great transitional shoe when we move into Autumn. Find these here

Summer woven chic

Woven footwear styles are everywhere at the moment but these Topshop ones are my favourite that I have come across. How pretty will these look with a little summer dress for a day out! The heel isn’t too high either so these will be easy to wear and a stylish addition to your wardrobe. These will also keep your feet cool on a hot day. Find these here

Gold Gucci style sandals

This final pair on my Topshop wish list has to be these gorgeous gold sandals that are really similar to a pair at Gucci that I love. Gold or silver heels are equally as good as plain black as they literally go with everything. I love the slightly textured leather of these and these would take you from the office to a night out. Find these here

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