Pregnancy: Getting the best support possible

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Pregnancy can be an uncertain time. Like me, this might be your first time experience, you might not have been around other pregnant people before and feel a little bit overwhelmed with everything going on leading up to your birth. There are a lot of hospital appointments to attend with various scans, blood tests, and never ending urine samples. All of the glamourous situations! There are also a lot of things to consider along the way such as planning your birth and getting everything organised before your little bundle arrives.

Today’s blog post is a review about ‘Bump to Beyond your birthwhich is an amazing antenatal and postnatal support service for mums to be, and I’m really excited to share this with you all!

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My pregnancy support journey

During the last 9 months, I was not prepared for the lack of information or support that we were given along the way. Covid is possibly one of the main reasons for this but as this is my first pregnancy I don’t really have anything else to compare it to. I thought that I would have been assigned a dedicated midwife that I would meet with regularly who would be on hand to go over everything we might need to know but this really wasn’t the case at all. 

As someone who has barely even held a baby before, never mind fed, changed, bathed or given birth to one, I had a lot of questions buzzing around my head. So we joined an online NCT group which unfortunately we really didn’t enjoy very much and didn’t get on with at all. I found it to be quite a judgmental space and more geared towards women that only wanted to breastfeed which can be a very touchy subject. The group was made up of around 6 other couples and I found it a little intimidating to ask questions in this sort of group setting with others that were not open to other people’s preferences. So we didn’t really get what we actually needed from this type of course.

Discovering a new kind of support Network

This got me wondering what other options there were out there for us and then I thankfully discovered Bridie from ‘Bump to Beyond your Birth’. She has a wealth of experience, having been a midwife for over 10 years and is also a mum herself to 2 children. Bridie offers birth preparation courses on a one-to-one basis which takes place over a Zoom call. So you can sit in the comfort of your own home with a nice cup of tea and talk with her openly in total confidence. You can arrange to have a birth preparation course (Antenatal) which will cover the whole labour process and she also has a baby preparation course which will help you with making sure you are all ready and informed in time for bringing your new baby home with you.

Feeling informed and prepared

I was personally really interested in finding out more about the whole Caesarean process as well as bottle feeding. As the courses are on a one-to-one basis it’s so much easier to tailor these to your specific questions and needs rather than being in a group setting. We scheduled in a Zoom call together and from the outset I felt relaxed and comfortable as we went over the following:

Signs of Labour we discussed the signs to look out for that will mean you have gone into labour. This will be slightly different for me as I have a planned caesarean booked. However her Antenatal course will cover this topic for you as well as what the stages of a natural labour are, of the different pain relief options that you will have available, your partners role in the whole experience and what to expect after the first 24 hours of birth.

The caesarean operation process – we went over the whole procedure for me, covering everyone that will be in the room during the operation and what each person’s job is. This was a great comfort to me as I wouldn’t have thought to have asked about this and would have been wondering who everyone was in the room which could be a little scary. We then covered what happens during the actual procedure, through to the recovery process afterwards. This was so informative and has really put my mind at rest about the whole thing.

Preparing to go into hospital from what to pack in my hospital bag (I will write a separate blog post on what I have packed in my bag) and what to plan for when I come home and go into the recovery process.

Bottle Feeding As I plan to bottle feed, we discussed about doing this whilst being in the hospital, following onto when we are back home. 

How to book a course

I was so impressed with the professionalism and information that I received from our Zoom call. I felt that I was able to ask as many questions as I needed – there was no such thing as a silly question and there was zero judgment whatsoever. I really recommend booking a course with ‘Bump to Beyond your Birth’ as it’s the perfect way to go over everything you need and to feel prepared and empowered in time for your birth. 

There are a few courses that you can choose from which I will list below, but just to let you know that you can have a 15 minute Zoom call free of charge with Bridie to meet each other and for her to explain in more detail what your course will cover ready for your scheduled call which is great.

  • Booking an Antenatal course with ‘Bump to Beyond your Birth’ is recommended from around 28 weeks of pregnancy. The 4 hour course can be split into 2 sessions and is priced at £170. As mentioned above, this course will go over in detail what the stages of a natural labour are, the different pain relief options that you will have available, your partners role in the whole experience and what to expect after the first 24 hours of birth.
  • Booking a practical preparation for baby course is also recommended from around 28 weeks of pregnancy and is an excellent follow on from the above courses. This is a 3 hour session priced at £135 and will cover everything you could possibly need from how to hold your baby, nappy changing, taking the baby out, dressing, bathing, feeding and all other general care. An essential for anyone feeling nervous like I was, having little experience with babies before.
  • Booking a preparing for your labour, birth and baby course is recommended from 32 weeks pregnancy onwards. It’s a 2 hour session priced at £90 which will cover your choices for birth, putting together a birth plan for you, packing your hospital bag and preparing your home for the new baby.

You can email the following address to arrange a course booking or to ask any questions:

I know you will enjoy these courses as much as I have and so I am really happy to blog about my experience with this. I would love to hear how you get on too and what course you decide to go for!

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Gorgeous gift ideas for baby showers and new mums to be.

Baby Shower

There are a lot of baby showers happening at the moment and if you are looking for that perfect gift idea, then hopefully today’s blog post will help you with what to buy! Usually at baby showers, people tend to gift items for the baby, but I think it’s also a nice idea to think about the mum to be and get a little something for her instead. As a baby shower guest, you might not know what the parents to be have already bought or you might not know exactly the sort of things they plan to use for their baby so a little treat for the mamma growing the new little person is a lovely alternative.

Here are some of my top gift ideas for baby showers and for new mums to be:

The personalised touch

I always think that you can never go wrong with a gift that has a personalised touch. It’s often something the receiver will cherish and will keep forever – especially if it relates to a new baby. My favourite places to find personalised gifts are at and EtsyUK What I also love about these sites is that it’s a great way to support small and UK based businesses, which is extremely important especially at the moment. Personalised gifts for new babies could include a blanket or an outfit with their name on, a handmade toybox, a personalised hamper or a framed print for example.

A little sweet treat

For the most fabulous, boujee biscuits you have ever seen, you need to head over to Baked by Steph  Steph is the queen of iced biscuits and I am such a huge fan of her brand and business. They make the most gorgeous sweet treats which are just perfect for gifting – not just for baby showers, but for all kinds of occasions. I was very kindly sent some from the team recently and they arrived beautifully packaged and I have to say, opening them up really made my day. So I know that any new mum to be would absolutely LOVE these as a baby shower gift. 

I have a 10% discount code to share with you if you would like to purchase anything from Baked by Steph which is HANNAHLU10





Now, some people might think this is a bit of a safe or boring option, but I personally love receiving a gift voucher. It means you can go and choose something that is exactly to your own taste and style. As a baby shower guest, you might have a slightly different idea of what is cute for a newborn than the mum to be, so vouchers are a perfect gift option. All of the high street retailers offer vouchers now. Some of my top picks for baby shower voucher options are from here:

You could even get a voucher for the new mum to be to have a lovely pregnancy massage, or an afternoon tea experience, before the baby is born while she still has the chance to go out!

Pampering essentials

Pregnancy is such a massive change for the body and it can be a really tough time for women. So a lovely gift idea for a new mum or pregnant friend would be items that they can use for a little pampering session. When their baby arrives they might not have as much time for themselves so why not put together a little hamper of bubble baths, face masks or their favourite beauty products so they can spend some time relaxing and feeling great about themselves. 

I recently discovered The Natural Birthing Company and I’m so impressed with their product range for during pregnancy and after birth. The brand was developed by midwives who know exactly the sort of things we are going to need. I’ve been using their ‘nourish and relieve’ stretch mark oil which is really nice and their ‘Midwive in a box’ set would be the perfect gift for someone you know who’s expecting a baby at the moment.

Inside the kit are the following essentials:
* A cooling body spritz
* Perineal massage oil to help reduce tearing
* A soothing Postnatal compress solution
* Organic flannels
* 3 Breastfeeding oils

Natural Birthing Co

Natural Birthing Co

A little bit of luxury

If budget is not an option, there are some fabulous places to pick up luxury items for new babies. A lot of the designer brands now have gifts that are perfect for baby showers from Gucci, Baby Dior, Hermes and Tiffany & Co to name a few. Here are some of my favourite designer items for really special newborn gift ideas:

Tiffany & Co

Tiffany Baby items


Gucci Baby items


Hermes Baby items

Baby Dior

I hope you enjoyed some of my picks in today’s blog post. I have some more pregnancy fashion related posts coming up so be sure to subscribe so you receive notifications whenever new posts go live. 

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Disclaimer- this blog post contains gifted items, however all thoughts and opinions are my own and unbiased.

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