The latest gel nail polish range from Nails Inc

A lady once told me that your hands and nails are one of the first things that people notice when they meet you and that has stuck in my head ever since. If you follow me on Instagram (and if you are not already, then why not? haha!) then you will know that I always make sure that I look after my hands and keep my nail extensions in tiptop condition.

I have acrylic nail extensions and have infills every 2 weeks with either regular polish or gels and although I have my usual favourite go to brands, I always like to try new products that become available on the market.

Nails Inc have always been a big name in the nail product industry. They continue to evolve and move forward with the latest trends and are always at the forefront of new innovating ideas, so when I discovered their new gel polish range, which is exclusive to Marks & Spencer stores at the moment, I just had to try this out for myself.

Usually with gel polish you need a couple of coats and the use of a UV lamp to set the formula onto your nails. You also need to have this soaked off professionally if the polish has been applied directly onto the natural nail. This new range from Nails Inc, claims that you only need the one coat and it will dry without the use of a UV lamp and that no soak off is necessary! Sounds good right?! This grabbed my attention immediately as the thought of being able to produce a salon quality finish at home myself was too good an opportunity to miss!

Shade Range

Considering this is new to the market, I was impressed by the selection of colours that are available. There are 64 options to choose from and I think they all look gorgeous, particularly the iridescent shimmery shades. They are all named after places in London as per the usual Nails Inc range which I really like. For this blog post, I have been trying out two of the shades: Cambridge Passage and Portobello Mews which are both so pretty for the Spring/Summer months.

Portobello Mews is the darker pink shade of the two that I tried and when its applied to the nails it has a slight lilac tint to it and looks so gorgeous with a tan. I have this on my toes at the moment and have been receiving compliments on the colour. It’s been so hot here in the UK lately so its been nice to finally be able to wear sandals for once!

Cambridge Passage is the lighter shade and is a really more of a subtle colour with a gorgeous shimmer undertone. I personally wouldn’t wear this on my toes as I prefer to have a darker colour on them, but it looks really chic on the hands, so if you are looking for a shade that will go with any outfit and add a classy touch, then this would be a good one to go with.

Portobello Mews

Cambridge Passage

Formula and Finish

Nails Inc say the following about this range:

Promotes a natural, barely there, flawless nail look. Enriched with Goji Berry extract known for nail protection, this range also has complementary light reflecting Blur Pearls means nails will look luminous and glossy.

This is important and I feel that more nail product brands need to pay attention to the ingredients that they use in their polishes and that they also help to keep the quality of your nails strong and nourished after using them. Some of the cheaper, drug store polishes available can be really drying on the nails and can cause them to weaken and chip easily, so it is better to invest in a higher quality product to try and avoid this if you can.

I have used Nail Inc products a lot over the years and I have to say this is probably one of my favourite ranges they have brought out. I was dubious about the claim that you would only need one coat, but was really impressed to find that this was true – one coat gave me a gorgeous glossy finish with a deep colour that was true to the bottle. There is nothing worse than choosing a nail colour and it looking nothing like what you had expected once it’s been applied! So overall, the pigment of these is rich and they have an excellent consistency and quality.

As well as the finish, I found these were really easy to apply onto the nails with a one stroke glide application also. I didn’t apply a top coat to these as was happy with the overall outcome without feeling like I needed to add this, plus I wanted to test how long lasting these would be without a topcoat being included.

Are they long lasting?

Both shades lasted me really well without chipping for around 8-10 days which would be perfect for going on holiday which I think was really impressive. Considering there was no need to use a UV lamp and how quick they naturally dried, I wasn’t expecting these to last as long as they did so I would definitely recommend this range for home use.

Worth the money?

The polishes retail at £11 for a 10ml bottle and I feel this is at a great price point for the quality and considering how little you need to use to do a full set of nails. These really are true to the ‘one coat’ statement and so the bottle will last you a long time.

You can purchase this range from the majority of Marks & Spencer stores or online here

View the rest of the Nails Inc collection via their website here

I hope you enjoyed hearing my thoughts on the one coat gel nail polish range by Nails Inc. I think this is a great collection with a nice assortment of colours. Let me know if you have tried any products from Nails Inc and what your thoughts were.


The new ‘Oh Sweetie’ lipgloss collection by Mac

Image: Pinterest

I always love the special collections by Mac cosmetics, whether it’s a cool, quirky theme or if it’s a collaboration with a celebrity. In the past Mac have worked with a range of celebs on collections from Mariah Carey, to Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Ariana Grande just to name a few.

Any new Mac collection usually sells out fast so you have to be pretty quick if you have a particular item that you have your eyes on before missing out! There are always a few favourites that I will buy from these collections and so when I saw the latest ‘Oh Sweetie’ lipgloss range I was so excited to try them and fell in love with pretty much every shade! This was not an easy decision to choose a favourite shade!

Shade range

There are 12 shades to choose from in the UK stores and online, but the collection was created with 16 shades so it might be that some have sold out already or that those shades were not available for the UK market. They all smell absolutely gorgeous and good enough to eat with their individual sweet scents.

I love the names of the shades too which are names of delicious desserts and sweet treats. These really are so cute and great for anyone with a sweet tooth! You have the choice of coconut macaroon, sugar cookies, raspberry pavlova, raspberry cream, gumdrop, strawberry torte, purple panna cotta, death by chocolate, caramel sugar, creamy peach pie, strawberry mouse or banana muffins.  I chose the Strawberry moose shade and it smells incredible.


I really like the texture of this as they are not like the usual Mac style lipgloss that we are all used to using. These are more like a creamy mouse formula with a frosted iridescent pigment. Super pretty, feminine and flattering. I also found that these were fairly long lasting without being sticky. There is nothing worse than over sticky lipgloss that you end up getting your hair permanently getting stuck in it! It did take a few minutes to dry and settle down after I applied it but it didn’t feeling drying on the lips in the slightest.

The advertising campaigns for this range have been so eye-catching and fun, but then all Mac special collections tend to be really slick and on trend.

Image: Pinterest

The ‘Oh Sweetie’ range is available in Mac stores now or online here and are priced at £15.50 each. I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on this new range. Have you tried this range yet? If you have let me know in the comments what shade is your favourite!

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New moisturising body yoghurts from The Body Shop

When I was younger, The Body Shop was always somewhere that I would like to visit. If you are from the same 90s school era as me, you will remember their white musk perfume that everyone used to wear, the little pearl bath oils, the soap shaped like fruit or animals, the distinctive logo and the packaging that all of the products had. I feel all nostalgic just thinking about it!

Ethical Values

Not only were The Body Shop founded in Brighton (which I absolutely love, being a Brighton girl myself), but they have always been active campaigners against any form of animal testing and have a strong belief in ethically sourced and produced skincare, haircare, fragrance, body products and make up.

This is a really hot topic in today’s society as people have really woken up to environmental issues, so the fact they started with this mindset back in the late 70s is so inspirational.

I’m not too sure what happened, but the Body Shop really fell off my radar for quite a few years if I am honest, until recently when they have caught my eye again and I am so pleased about this because they have had such a style make over and I am seriously impressed.

The classic logo remains the same but the branding and packaging has had a sleek makeover. The products all still have those beautiful bold fruity scents too but the range of products has really expanded and it is not easy to go in there without picking up a load of products that you get the urge to try out!

The Body Yogurts

I went into the Brighton store the other day and fell in love with a brand new range of body yoghurts that have recently launched onto the market which are 100% vegan friendly. These are the cutest pots and have a generous amount of body cream in a selection of different scents, and let me tell you, they literally smell good enough to eat. I chose a pot of the mango as well as the strawberry and I have been using them daily. They have a cool gel like consistency and the thing I love the most about these is how quick they dry into your skin. The texture is nice and lightweight without any stickiness what so ever which is perfect for these hot summer days at the moment, when you still want soft skin but without feeling uncomfortable.

These body yogurts claim to give you 48 hours of moisture in the skin but I have been using these every day and been really enjoying using them as you can quickly apply it to the skin and get dressed pretty much straight away. If you’re anything like me, I just don’t have the patience to wait for a body cream to dry and creams like that put me off wanting to use them again.

Each body yoghurt is enriched with community trade organic almond milk from Spain and a little goes a long way – the only tricky part is choosing a favorite, but at £8.50 per tub you can definitely afford to treat yourself to more than one.

There are 6 gorgeous scents to choose from including: Mango, Strawberry, British Rose, Moringa, Coconut and Almond milk which are all nature inspired flavours.

Overall verdict

On a final note, The Body Shop now have a loyalty card scheme which is free to join and every time you earn over 500 points when spending in store, you will receive £5 back to spend. They will also send you a gift on your birthday and send out regular emails with discounts and deals to take advantage of. You can find these body yogurts and the rest of their gorgeous range in store or online here

The eye product you need to try to fight dark circles

I have suffered with dark circles under my eyes for a while and they literally drive me mad. There is nothing worse than having a full face of glam makeup being ruined by the dreaded discoloration under the eyes still showing through. Even if I had a full 8 hours sleep a night, I was still waking up the next day with the same tired looking eyes. I have tried a lot of different products to reduce this problem and have really struggled to find something that I am happy with until recently when I came across the Kiehl’s midnight recovery eye cream.

The formula

This is specially formulated for the delicate under eye area and claims to achieve fresher, younger looking eyes, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. After reading this, I had to try this for myself.

I have been using this cream for around 3 weeks now during my evening beauty regime and I have to say it has really helped a lot. I can definitely notice a reduction in puffiness and the dark shadows have improved. I can’t say that it has completely removed the problem as I actually don’t think a product exists on the market that completely gets rid of dark circles forever (if there is one please let me know!!) however this is the best that I have tried so far and I am really happy with the results.

Using the eye cream

The tube is 15ml which seemed really tiny at first but you only need to apply a small amount. As soon as you put it onto your skin it melts into a luxurious lightweight cream and you will feel a very slight tightening sensation which I love as it feels like it is getting to work straight away! As with all eye creams it is important to press lightly around the eye area and using your ring finger, without dragging or pulling the skin. We don’t want to make things worse for ourselves!

What ingredients are in the eye cream?

Here are the list of ingredients used to create this eye product:

·         Squalane which helps to restore the skins natural moisture balance to keep it soft and supple.

·         Lavender Essential Oil to help soothe and begin the repair process for fresher looking eyes.

·         Evening primrose oil which is an effective on skin barrier and helps to boost radiance.

·         Butchers broom which improves microcirculation, reduces inflammation and puffiness while soothing the skin.

Why do we get dark circles anyway? Well this could be anything down to genetics, age, allergies, lack of sleep or over indulging in alcohol.

I have also recently been using the Revolution concealer in the shade C8 which has been a real favourite  drug store product among make up bloggers and YouTubers and is now a staple item in my makeup collection. For the price of this concealer, the quality and consistency is excellent and is very similar to a concealer by Tarte Cosmetics but a more affordable option which is great. You can buy products from Revolution here or in Superdrug stores, however they are not always in stock in store as they now have quite a cult following, but if you haven’t tried this yet I highly recommend it.

Let me know what your hero products are for combating dark eye circles. I would love to hear what you are using to combat this issue.

You can purchase the Kielh’s Midnight recovery Eye cream here.

The lipstick range that you’ll fall in love with

Tarte cosmetics is a brand that has been on my radar for a while but I haven’t got round to trying it until now. I watched an unboxing video on YouTube recently where someone was testing out a huge set of all the new lipstick shades that were new on the market. It was the most fabulous collection I think I have ever seen and I was mesmerised watching it so decided that I needed to test this brand out for myself!

As this is an American brand, there are not any beauty counters available in UK stores yet so the options we have is to either buy direct from Tarte online, but face quite hefty shipping charges, or we can buy from QVC as they carry a selection of the products. I’ve said it before, but the thing I love about QVC is that you can test out products for 30 days and if you are really not happy with what you have bought, you can send it back for a full refund which is so amazing, especially with beauty products which are usually always non returnable once opened.

I chose one of the colour splash lipsticks from the ‘Colour of the Sea’ range and in the colour Colada which is a nude light brown shade. The packaging was really pretty and as soon as I opened it I could wait to test it out. I was surprised at how creamy and luxurious it felt and it has a real moisturising texture to it without being oily. I matched a lip liner which I already owned from Barry M in the shade 24 carat which went perfectly with this particular shade. The colour was very pigmented and was long lasting which was great as there is nothing more disappointing than a lipstick that wears off the moment you step out the door or have a sip of a drink.

Something else to mention is that this is a vegan friendly product and contain a blend of algae and marine flower extracts that helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while smoothing and softening skin. It contains shea butter which helps to retain elasticity of the skin.

For £18 I feel like this was really worth the money purely for the quality, the depth of the colour and how long lasting it was so I will definitely be purchasing more of these. There are 24 shades to choose from so the only thing now is to work out which colours to try next!

Check out the full range available here


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