Breakfast at the Fendi Cafe, Harrods

Fendi Cafe Harrods

Fendi is one of my all time favourite designer brands, so as soon as I heard that Harrods were hosting a pop up Fendi cafe for the Summer I couldn’t wait to visit! Located on the 5th Floor of the famous department store is the brand new cafe which is fashionista heaven.

A couple of weeks ago I went to try out the new cafe and luckily chose a good time to go as when I as leaving there were queues to get inside. I believe the queues can be up to an hour long so plan your visit in advance if you want to go to avoid waiting in line for eternity.

Fendi Harrods Taxis

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Fendi Cafe Harrods

Fendi Fabulous

The cafe itself is a contemporary, monochrome design with the Fendi logo everywhere you turn and it was designed by artist Joshua Vides. We were shown to our table and presented with the menu – which of course was also covered in FF logos.

There were quite a few delicious choices from breakfasts to full Italian style cuisine such as antipasti, insalate (the beef carpaccio is a house special) and mains of lasagne, aubergine parmagiana and more. As it was still early for me, I went for the breakfast pastries. The coffees are also decorated with Fendi logos and they are presented with an adorable logo biscuit. It is an Instagrammers dream!

Fendi Cafe Harrods

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Fendi Cafe Harrods

Fendi Cafe Harrods

Fendi Cafe Harrods

Peekaboo bag customisation

At the till, there were some fabulous cakes which were replicas of the Fendi Peeakboo handbags that looked exactly like the real thing.

In July, there was a pop-up Fendi Peekaboo bar, allowing shoppers to fully customise their own Mini Peekaboo bags. Customers were able to mix and match the body, handle and straps, to create their own unique style. There were over 20 different options for the body of the bag, 25 variations of handles and a further seven strap possibilities.

Fendi Harrods Peekaboo

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The cafe is likely to be seen all over your Instagram feeds throughout the summer, from the branded walls, tables, menus, plates and crockery. But if you want to visit, it will only be open at Harrods until 31st August.

Styling Report: 4 looks from Femme Luxe

Femme Luxe are an online brand that I’ve been following for a while and if you like fashion, you will definitely have come across them on Instagram by now. Their Instagram feed is full of gorgeous, bronzed models showcasing their clothing and they are a brand that specialise in affordable sassy outfits. I love how there are a lot of bright colours and prints in their range and they also offer a selection of shoes and accessories so they have everything covered! They stock a selection of loungewear, activewear, basics, a HUGE range of dresses and trend led pieces that are perfect for keeping your wardrobe looking stylish.

I would say that Femme Luxe are an online destination if you are looking for an outfit that is ‘boujee on a budget’ as not only are they reasonably priced, they also offer flash sales and discount offers regularly.

I wanted to give their clothing a try and was kindly gifted 4 pieces from their website to style. I’ve put together different looks with these items and this blog post is to share my thoughts on what I picked out. I will be looking at the quality, the fit,and to test out if Femme Luxe clothing is as good as it looks online. So let’s get into this style report with the first item:

Black Digits, Printed slogan oversized T shirt dress – Adele

I love a t-shirt dress and I’ve been looking for one with long sleeves for ages, so I was excited to try this piece. I went for a size medium which on the website says this is a UK 8-10. I’m usually around a size 10 but think I could have gone down a size with this. That aside, it was meant to be oversized and was still a decent fit. I was impressed with how soft the cotton was and I liked the printed digits on the front.

I styled this dress with heeled sock boots and my Jimmy Choo silver handbag, but it will look equally as good in the day time with chunky trainers and a belt bag or mini rucksack for an effortless, off duty look.

Femme Luxe Adele T Shirt Dress

Femme Luxe Adele T Shirt Dress

Femme Luxe Adele T Shirt Dress

Rose One Shoulder Crop Top – Keeley

The second item I picked out was this cute one shoulder crop top. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this item but I absolutely loved it and am tempted to get it in a few more colours. They also have this available in several neon shades, animal prints and classic neutrals so there is a good selection to choose from. I have gone for a sports luxe feel and styled this top with some Adidas leggings, Nike air force one trainers and a denim jacket, but dressed it up with a chunky necklace to complete the outfit. This top will look amazing with jeans and boots, or paired with a body con skirt for a glam night out.

Femme Luxe Keeley Crop Top

Femme Luxe Keeley Crop Top

Femme Luxe Keeley Crop Top

Red Basic Leggings – Gracelynn

You can never go wrong with adding basic items into your wardrobe and leggings are a really easy item to throw on at the weekend with a slogan t-shirt in the summer, just as well as with a chunky knit jumper in the Winter months. These are are those ‘go to’ essential items that you will wear all year round and what every girl needs in her wardrobe. I picked out these red leggings as I liked the idea of something a bit different to the usual black/neutral leggings that I would usually wear.

I styled the leggings with a classic white, slightly oversized t shirt with leopard print converse pumps and matching leopard print Jimmy Choo handbag. Overall, I really liked this final look and will love wearing these. I went for a size S/M which the website advises is a UK 8-10. The only other size option is a M/L which would be a 12-14. I would have liked to have seen an in-between size option personally but these fit nicely and they have a bit of stretch to them.

Femme Luxe Gracelynn red basic leggings

Femme Luxe Gracelynn red basic leggings

Black Croc Print PU Leggings – Freya

The final item that I picked out were these black croc print, faux leather leggings. These are perfect for putting together a chic and polished look. You can really dress these up with some fabulous heels for either a meetings during the day or cocktails after work. I styled them here with a pair of Jimmy Choo heels and a basic black cashmere top.

I really love the embossed crocodile print effect too which is a nice subtle touch. These have a higher waist which really helps to create a gorgeous slimline silhouette. I went for a UK 12 just incase as I’ve tried similar items in the past and found they tend to run quite small. However, these were the opposite and ideally I should have gone for my actual size. That’s the only thing with online shopping, that it can be a bit of a guessing game on what size to choose.

Femme Luxe Freya Black croc print leggings

Femme Luxe Freya Black croc print leggings

Femme Luxe Freya Black croc print leggings

Final verdict

Overall, I was impressed with the items I picked out from Femme Luxe and will definitely try more items from their range in the future. You can easily pick up an outfit for a reasonable price and there are a lot of outfits that you could put together for a summer holiday. Sizing can be tricky with buying clothing online but most companies have simple exchange or refund policies now so this isn’t really a big deal. My favourite piece that I tried would be the Adele t-shirt dress and I would quite like to try some of the other dresses that they have.

Femme Luxe are adding new pieces to their website regularly so you can keep up to date with all of their latest items HERE.

What was your favourite Femme Luxe piece that I styled in this blog post?

Have you bought from Femme Luxe before? Let me know what you ordered if you have!

Thanks for reading xx

What would Carrie Bradshaw be wearing in 2019?

Carrie Bradshaw was my original style icon and Sex in the City is one of my all time favourite series. I’ve had the box set for years and I will still get it out and watch old episodes on a chilled out Sunday.

Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha each had their own individual sense of style but Carrie was the real fashionista of the show. Granted, she didn’t always get it right, but it was the fun and bold approach that she had with styling that I really loved! I couldn’t help but wonder, what she would be wearing in the year 2019?

It was always so exciting to see what latest outfits she was wearing on each episode. It would be hard to imagine her wearing the head to toe beige trend of the moment and she wouldn’t be seen dead in a pair of chunky Balenciaga trainers, but I could definitely see her in a tie dye sweater, cycling shorts and a sassy pair of heels!

You can read my recent Tie Dye trend report here if you would like some inspiration on this latest look for SS19!

SATC can still make me laugh out loud and it was such a ground breaking show of it’s time. It taught us as many things from friendships to relationships and how things were changing with the rise of the modern woman in society. It was also, of course, renowned for fashion. They made us covet things that we didn’t even know we needed. It made us all dream of having a shoe closet like Carrie Bradshaw and a beautifully furnished apartment like Charlotte. Who could ever forget that famous scene where Samantha is desperate to get her hands on an Hermes Birkin handbag and was told it would be a 5 year wait!

The show also pushed forward designer brands into huge stardom such as Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik and made women across the globe rushing out to buy the latest designs.

Since the show was on in the late 90s to the noughties, its funny to see certain brands and fashion styles that have actually come back around again. Fendi baguettes and Dior saddle bags were a staple fashion piece back then and these exact styles are now having a resurgence in 2019. I had a monogrammed Dior saddle bag when they first came out as I fell in love with the one that Carrie was wearing in the episode when she first met Aiden in his furniture store. I had that bag for years and wore it literally to death. They were around the £400 price point back then but today they are around £2000!

Here are some of the looks from Spring Summer 2019 that I think Carrie would definitely be wearing whilst strutting around the streets of Manhattan.

Isabel Marant asymmetric, ruffle printed dress – £875Netaporter

Dior houndstooth slingback heels – £720Christian Dior

Adriana Degreas shell bra top – £425 Netaporter

“It’s a Baguette”

Fendi Purple Sequin Baguette – £2790Fendi

Prada Tie Dye Shorts – £790 – Netaporter

Burberry Dalmatian print skirt – £850Burberry

Sophia Webster Chiara Sandal – £450Sophia Webster

Alexander McQueen knitted lace dress – £4860Alexander McQueen

Image: Vogue

Who was your favourite Sex in the City character?

What was your favourite episode or outfit from the show?

The return of Tie Dye for Spring/Summer 19

Tie dye has been in fashion hiding for years. That was until it started popping up again on celebs such as Beyoncé and Justin Bieber wearing the colourful print. Prada, Proenza Schouler and Stella McCartney took it under their wing and brought it back to the catwalk and now everyone is getting in on the trend. It’s official – Tie dye is back!

California cool, t shirts are the easiest way to wear this trend but it’s evolved for the modern day and we are now seeing it in new ways such as on denim at Proenza Schouler or used on mini dresses or Aline skirts at Prada.

What is Tie Dye..

Tie Dye has always historically been associated with hippies, and the flower power era of the 60s and 70s. It’s best known for it’s use of bright colours and bold patterns such as the spiral, mandala and peace sign.

The process typically consists of folding, twisting, pleating, or crumpling fabric or a garment and binding with string or rubber bands, followed by the application of brightly coloured dies. The manipulations of the fabric prior to application of dye are called resists as they partially or completely prevent the dye from colouring the fabric. So each piece that is made in this way is unique and different and you will not have two pieces that are exactly the same.

Fast forward to today and tie dye has been given a modern twist and there’s a fresh take on the trend.

How to wear it..

You can go as bold as you dare with this trend. If you are not feeling as confident to wear a splash of bright colours in a garment then you can still enjoy it with accessories instead. Try a scarf or a handbag – I’m really loving the Prada tie dye bags at the moment.

Tie Dye trend Edit

Here are my top picks that are in the stores at the moment. Tie Die denim jacket
New Look tie dye twist front beach cover up in blue
Polo Ralph Lauren tie dye t-shirt
Pretty little thing – Orange Tie Dye joggers
Ralph Lauren Tie-Dye French Terry Hoodie
House of Holland Frayed ombré denim midi skirt Tie Dye Oversized T-Shirt Dress
Prada Tie-dyed duchesse-silk skirt Tie Die denim jacket
New Look tie dye twist front beach cover up in blue
Polo Ralph Lauren tie dye t-shirt
Pretty little thing – Orange Tie Dye joggers
Ralph Lauren Tie-Dye French Terry Hoodie
House of Holland Frayed ombré denim midi skirt Tie Dye Oversized T-Shirt Dress
Prada Tie-dyed duchesse-silk skirt

What are your thoughts on this trend for the Summer?

Will you be wearing it? 

Leave a comment below and thanks so much for reading! xx

Goddiva: Pretty occasion dresses and the new Vicky Patterson collection

If you are looking for a fabulous sequin dress for an event or a special occasion then you need to head over to You will be completely spoilt for choice! There is a wide selection from pretty short styles, to sparkly or embellished designs, right through to full length ball gowns.

The perfect party dress  

I wore a Goddiva sequin and chiffon dress at an event recently (as pictured) and I have to say that I was so impressed with the quality. Their dresses are at a slightly higher price point than some online retailers, but the quality definitely warrants the pricing. There’s nothing worse than buying something just because its cheaper, to then find out that its see-through or the quality is poor. Goddiva dresses are beautifully made and the attention to detail is instantly noticeable.

This dress jumped out at me immediately and I was so excited to receive it through the post! It’s decorated with champagne coloured sequins which are in a gorgeous ombre shading effect. It’s a fitted style with a zip up the back so I recommend going up a size. The skirt section is pleated and moves beautifully when walking or dancing. I also really like the length of this style – it’s just the perfect length for an event and would be a great choice for a wedding or special occasion where you want to feel elegant.

The new Vicky Patterson collaboration

Vicky Patterson is Goddiva’s latest celebrity ambassador and has recently launched her new collection with them.

Vicky’s debut occasion dresses range with the brand has a theme of Fluorescence, which is the perfect fit for the strong 2019 neon trend that is so popular right now. There is a style to suit everyone also which I really like. There are flirty, floaty dresses, structured body con designs, chic jumpsuits and some really stunning full length silhouettes in this range.

The extensive collection showcases a stunning zesty bright palette in cerise, lime, flame orange, cobalt blue, nude, black and navy. In classic Goddiva style, the dresses all have gorgeous details such as back bows, pretty embellished buckles and elegant side splits.

The Goddiva Collection by Vicky Pattison is available at now and prices start at £45 to £95.

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