New release: Dior Micro handbags

Image courtesy of Dior

Keeping up with the mini handbag trend, Christian Dior have recently put their own stamp on it by releasing their new Micro handbag range. Selecting some of their most iconic handbag styles, they now have teeny tiny versions available designed to fit every day essentials from airpods, to a few bank cards and a lipstick. Dior have seen the potential for taking this trend and making it their own.

The trend

It has to be Jacquemus’ that really set this mini bag trend off. I wrote a previous blog post about this back in 2019 HERE  and since then, we have only seen mini bags to continue to grow in popularity. Following this, we have been hit by a global pandemic which has really had an influence over the way we dress. Where we would once take out a larger handbag full of items (including the kitchen sink in some cases), more of us have downsized the type of bag that we take out with us, and the love for mini bags has risen dramatically. They are no longer seen as a frivolous gimmick accessory, but they are quickly taking centre stage in our wardrobe.

The Dior micro bag collection

The collection features four miniature versions of Dior’s House bags, including Lady Dior, 30 Montaigne, the Dior Caro and Saddle. Here are the details about each style –

Micro Lady Dior  – this is available in lambskin, in black, a gorgeous cloud blue, mint green and a pretty rose pink. It features the usual internal flap over detail, cannage topstitching as well as the hanging ‘D.I.O.R.’ charms. There 1 interior compartment

Image courtesy of Dior

Micro 30 Montaigne –  this is available in calf skin and the same colourways as the Lady Dior option. It’s in the signature boxy silhouette and the flap is embellished with an antique gold-finish metal ‘CD’ clasp which was inspired by the seal of a Christian Dior perfume bottle. The miniature style has an adjustable leather shoulder strap and can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody. There is also 1 interior compartment, 1 card slot and a back pocket. This is personally my favourite out of the micro bag collection.

Image courtesy of Dior

Micro Dior Caro – this is available in calf skin in a black and the cloud blue with the Cannage stitching.. The bag features a flap adorned with a ‘CD’ clasp. The miniature shape’s removable and adjustable chain shoulder strap allows it to be worn both during the day or for an evening look. There is 1 interior compartment and a back pocket

Image courtesy of Dior

Micro Saddle bag – his is available in goat skin in a black or rose colourway. It’s iconic design features a Saddle flap with a ‘D’ stirrup, and a ‘CD’ signature on each side of the strap. The micro saddle bag can be personalized with different embroidered shoulder straps to add a different look. It has 1 interior compartment too.

Image courtesy of Dior

Prices start from £1800 and are available online at Dior

Which is your favourite Micro Dior style?

7 simple tips to instantly make an outfit look more expensive

Making a few little adjustments to your wardrobe, and knowing what to look for when shopping, there are a few little tricks you can use to instantly look more expensive and chic. Here are my top 7 tips that you need to know on how to achieve this.

Invest in classic timeless pieces rather than trend led styles

I have come to realise that not all trends work for everyone. I love the look of mom jeans but they simply don’t suit me and they make me feel like I’m walking like the tin man and don’t flatter my figure at all! But I am realising that it’s ok and I don’t have to wear something just because it’s currently in fashion.
Trends also come and go and trying to keep up with each one that comes along can be exhausting. The “ugly” trainer is one of the fashion pieces that most girls are wearing at the moment. However, this isn’t going to be a long lasting trend and next year it will be something completely different. Save your money for the attention grabbing items that will become the main focus of your outfit instead and something that will always be a stylish piece in your collection.
A classic and simple outfit will never go out of style and choosing staple items for your wardrobe will mean that you always have a go to look without having to try! The French are the best at this type of styling and do this so well.

Dress: Zara Belt: Gucci

Shirt dress: Zara, Belt: Moschino

Choose a classic style coat

A quality jacket or coat can really make a whole outfit pop. Stick to neutral shades that go with everything and aim for high quality fabrics. Although you want a coat to look good you want it to actually keep you warm so look for lined coats with quality pockets. Zips and buttons are also an important factor and these always add that little something extra, so again, make sure they are smart and sturdy as you don’t want them to fall off after wearing it only a couple of times! Tailored or structured jackets look elegant and especially if they are a slightly longer length.

Cream waterfall jacket:


I have a bit of an addiction to sunglasses and they instantly make any outfit look chic. You don’t just have to save these for the summer months as they look just as great in the Autumn/Winter with a fabulous coat and boots. Look after your sunglasses by keeping the cases and storing them carefully. This will extend the life of them and keep them in the best condition possible.

Keep it simple

Now, I’m no stranger to a bright outfit and I love neon highlighter shades and bright, bold clothing. These colours look great but for that ultimate chic, stylish look, try an outfit that is all one colour or a mixture of similar shades as this always looks so expensive. You can add a touch of colour into the outfit with accessories. Also, by keeping jewellery and accessories to a minimum will add to that luxury look. There’s a reason that Coco Chanel said to take off the last accessory that you put on – this makes such a difference to your finished outfit.
I like to style up my outfits with a designer belt or scarf too which make a statement, or wear either bold earrings or a necklace – just not at the same time.

From left to right: Zara, Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Vivienne Westwood and H&M

Invest more money in better quality footwear and handbags

I tend to avoid buying cheaper footwear or handbags. They never last very long and the quality is always so disappointing. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but choose items that are made from decent materials with quality hardware. Check out my previous guide HERE which lists all of the key items to look out for when investing in a new handbag.

Boots: Jimmy Choo

Replace the buttons

Buttons are always a give away that something was purchased on the high street. An easy tip to instantly transform any piece is by changing these. Adding new shiny buttons to a coat or jumper can make such a huge difference. You can pick up some great buttons in haberdasheries (John Lewis has a great section for this) and this is a cheap way to update an outfit. You can often find Chanel buttons online or in vintage stores too which would be fabulous added to an item but without the £2000+ price tag.


It sounds obvious but looking after your clothes is one of the most important tips. Wash them correctly, check there are no loose threads and make sure they are properly pressed. It’s a good idea to invest in a steamer as they are quick and easy to use and get rid of all creases which cheapen the look of an outfit. Hang clothes neatly on fabric coated hangers rather than wire ones as these tend to ruin the shape of them and can ruin the fit. If you look after your clothes they will last longer and look so much better on.

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